Pieter Post makes theatre shows, is a director, writer, actor, master of ceremony, organizer and programmer of events and artistic boss of the SIN (Street-theatre Institute Netherlands)

Pieter Post started his life in the theater, ended up in the circus, fled to the street and continues to travel back and forth between them. He is a comic and physical entertainer who misleads the audience and parodies everything that can be classified under theater, variety and circus.

Direction, Camera and Edit: Aart Kramer & Irina Filtzer - Stichting Bellissima - Salto tv (2007)

Direction: Mirla Klijn - Camera: Marc Slings - Edit: Erik Post - Stichting NDSM-werf (2017)

For more information about Pieter Post, his performances and projects go to: www.pieterpostproductions.com

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